Proven Ways by Which a Freelance Web Developer Can Attract Foreign Clients

July 29, 2022

An international client is a charm for every freelance web developer . But the growing population of freelancers has increased fierce competition, and luring foreign minds has become a challenge. 

However, it is not impossible

The primary thing you would need is expertise in your niche and an attractive portfolio to grab eyeballs. Web development is an on-demand skill these days, mainly because every business needs to have a virtual footprint. So, with high competition, there is also an abundance of work. 

What sets you high is your power to stand out from the crowd. 

To grab foreign clients, you need to be strategic. You cannot expect them to locate you, so you must appear organically before them. If you want to know more about the strategy, keep reading.

Build YOUR website

Just as with any other business, you need to show your skills. What better way to build your website and add blogs is to specify your unique services. Build it so a prospect finds it exciting and approaches you for their business’s website. 

You can use this website as your portfolio and provide links to your previous work. 

Don’t forget to add a column for testimonials from clients who have already benefited from your service. The weightage of your clients adoring your work is immense and triggers prospects to convert.

List Yourself on Freelancing marketplaces

Numerous freelancing platforms allow clients & freelancers to find each other. You can refine your client search by location and send a top-notch proposal to crack an international job. 

While approaching the client, you should add your website’s address and plant a customized proposal. Opportunities will knock if you are a pro.

These platforms also provide a feedback section, so make sure your work draws excellent feedback. 

Online Advertising

Online advertising is bliss, mainly because you can advertise your skills in your desired location irrespective of where you are working. You can create an ad and set multiple regions, countries, and cities where these ads will be shown. 

The best thing is that you decide how much you want to spend on the ads daily, and you can stop it anytime too.

Make sure to leverage the pain points of your clients and craft a persuasive ad copy

Leverage Social Media

Everyone is on social media, your clients too. Gone are the days when you need a referral to reach out to international clients. Technology has given such a huge opportunity to cut the distance barriers and connect with people within seconds. Update your social media profile and register an online presence. 

First of all, you need to make a list of potential clients in your desired area. Use these platforms to approach your dream clients. Connect with your dream clients here and try to provide solutions in the community. Establish yourself as an expert in web development by regularly posting on your niche. 

You will be noticed and approached if you are fantastic in what you do.